Tuesday, May 1, 2007

4th & Main NE Corner: c.1900-2007

This corner was occupied by the Westminster Hotel which was demolished in 1960. Now an enormous parking lot takes its place.


Scott said...

Supposedly, this entire empty lot will be filled with an apartment complex called the Medallion. They've already put back the start date a few times, and have decreased the height from nine stories to six, so there's some concern about whether or not the developers acutally have the money to finish this proposed project. FIngers crossed.

Jeff Bridges said...

I agree with Scott....this corner can't possibly remain a parking lot for long with the way things are going on Main. If the current owners don't build something I bet someone else will buy the land and build something. They only have to demolish the parking lot.

Scott said...

The ground was broken here early this year. They are now building the Medallion complex. It took some time to dig out the hole for the foundation, since they came across old foundations that were left in place when the Westminster Hotel was demolished. It took some time to dig out the leftover concrete foundation for the former massive Hippodrome Theatre (aka The Adolphus).

Currently they are still pouring concrete for the parking levels, so construction is still below ground level. Supposed to be done by the end of 2009.

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