Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Main Street 'Then & Now'

Here are a few 'then & now' photos I've taken over the past few weeks. The Historic Theater Committee had a field day in April to document the state of theaters that existed on Main & Spring. It was a great success and at the same time I was able to take some photos using historic photos as reference to show a comparison to Main street as it exists today. Most of the original source photos come from either the Los Angeles Public Library or the USC Digital Archives. I tried to go to the same spot and line everything up as close as possible to illustrate the changes that have occurred on Main Street through the years. Fortunately, many buildings survive. However, there are many parking lots along Main Street now. From looking at these photos it is obvious how alive this street once was and hopefully will be again someday. Clicking on the photo will open a large version. Please feel free to leave comments and share information especially if you know that theaters existed in any of the photos.

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